Centro de Experimentación y Seguridad Vial Argentina S.A.
RCAR Member since 1996
Owners: CESVIMAP INTERNACIONAL and ten companies of the Insurance market
Address: Calle 9 esq. 17-
Parque Industrial Pilar
(1629) Buenos Aires
Fax: Int + 54-322-96010
Telephone: Int + 54-322-96362/66
Email: cesvi@cesvi.com.ar
Web Address: www.cesvi.com.ar
Experimentation & Research:
  • Vehicle analysis
  • Damageability studies
  • Repairability studies
  • R&D with regard to repairability rating and classification
  • Preparation of time schedules
  • Testing of repair tools and equipment
Training & Education:
  • Special training sourses designed for insurance companies, vehicle manufacturers, repair shops and road safety people
  • Production of video training tapes
  • Production and distribution of technical publications
Strategic Direction:
  • CESVI ARGENTINA focuses on the study of state-of-the-art technology repair methods and techniques aimed at the optimisation of repair costs and at achieving greater car safety.
  • The center was created out of a need to offer policy holders, and the community at large, additional institutional services beyond the mere indemnification of claims.