Centro de Experimentación y Seguridad Vial México, S.A.
RCAR Member since 1998
Address: Calle Uno Sur No. 101
Parque Industrial Toluca 2000
Toluca, Estado de México
Fax: Int + 52 72 79 02 24
Telephone: Int + 52 72 79 36 04
Email: amartinez@cesvimexico.com.mx
Web Address: www.cesvimexico.com.mx
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cesvimexico
Twitter: http://twitter.com/cesvimexico
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/CESVITV
Experimentation & Research:
  • Analyze and control vehicle collision repair costs
  • Improve system and repair techniques
  • Vehicle analysis, damageability studies
  • Develop time schedules
  • Testing repair tools, equipment and methods
Training & Education:
  • Give technical instruction to insurance companies' employees.
  • Give technical instruction to the vehicle repair workshops.
  • Promote direct, immediate and practical application of research results.
  • Publish results of research into traffic safety, repair methods and the use of tools and equipment in various formats including bulletins, manuals, magazines and video, ensuring data reaches key sectors of the motor and insurance industries.
Traffic Safety:
  • Develop action to improve traffic safety
  • Collaboration with the main public organisations
  • Collaboration with specialized companies and organisations in vehicle and traffic safety matters