Korea Automobile Insurance Repair Research and Training Center, KART
RCAR Member since 1994
Owner: Korea Insurance Development Institute (KIDI)
Shareholders: Non-life insurance companies in Korea
Address: 125-1
Fax: Int + 82-31-644-1690
Telephone: Int + 82-31-644-1600
Email: sskang@kidi.or.kr
Web Address:

http://www.kart.or.kr/eng/eng_01.asp (english)
http://www.kart.or.kr/ (Korean)

  • Crash Impact Facility:
    • Test Track 240m x 70m
    • Driving Power: EVC (Electronic Controlled Vehicle) System 3 Sets
    • Barriers: Fixed & Moving Barriers
    • Dummy: Hybrid III 50% Male Dummy (75kg) 2 Sets/BioRID 1 Set
    • DAS (Data Acquisition System): 96 Channels
    • High-speed Camera: 4 Units
    • Lighting: HMI System
  • Research Facility (Repair shop, Training facility, Painting shop, Pendulum)
  • Classrooms (3)
  • IT Centre
  • Dormitory and Restaurant
Main activities:
  • Safety: High-speed crash testing, head restraint research, car accident reconstruction
  • Vehicle Group Rating: evaluation of new vehicles in respect of damageability and repairability
  • Repair Time Schedule: study of vehicle repair times, repair research and conduct of experiments in repair techniques
  • Repair Cost Estimating System: Software development such as automobile repair cost computation on-line systems (AOS)
  • Training: training automobile technicians and estimating for insurance staff and adjusters
  • Accident Investigation: investigating the cause of car accidents
  • Statistics research on automobile insurance and repair costs
  • Publishing
Strategic Direction:
  • Direction controlling repair costs and reducing car ownership costs
  • Extensive repair research and training of adjusters and repairers
  • Improving damageability and repairability of passenger cars
  • Development of repair cost calculation system
  • Close cooperation with related industries