THATCHAM - The Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre
RCAR Member since 1972
Owner: The Motor Insurance Industry of the United Kingdom
Address: Colthrop Way
Berkshire RG19 4NR
Fax: Int + 44 1635 871346
Telephone: Int + 44 1635 868855
Web Address:
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Equipment and Main Activities:
  • State of the art damage repair facility, crash laboratory with capability to 70 kph and 2,5 tonnes
  • High speed photography for structural analysis
  • Broadcast quality video production
  • Publication of research results in repair manuals, publication of parts price guides for accident susceptible parts on all popular vehicles
  • The production of vehicle repair times by computerised methods (Thatcham Time System)
  • The operation of a compliance procedure for vehicle security systems
  • The training of vehicle assessors and repairers in repair techniques and estimating
Strategic Direction:
  • Research into the most economic and practical methods of accident damage repair, and the times required to accomplish specific tasks
  • To research and recommend to vehicle manufacturers improvements in damageability and repairability
  • To pass on the results of resarch and the knowledge gained therefrom by means of training courses for Insurance engineers and Body Repairers
  • The production of job times for motor vehicle body repair
  • The approval of vehicle security systems for the UK insurance industry