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Assessing Reverse AEB system performance in reversing collisions


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Repairability Working Group


  • Establish standards for evaluating the damageability of vehicles in low and high-speed crashes
  • Occupant safety and energy management in the repair scenario
  • Calibration of Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)
  • Review vehicle design collectively, incorporating knowledge and expertise of participating members to help in the following areas:
    • Vehicle manufacturers need to understand the need for a consistent approach to ensure reparability is considered during vehicle design
    • Based on global vehicle designs, reparability considerations should be based on the same premise
    • Reparability options should incorporate a common sense approach that provides repairers worldwide with the ability to safely return a vehicle to pre-loss condition
    • Reparability options should be based on prescribed training, tooling and expertise that can be applied on a global basis
    • Engage vehicle manufactures to pro-actively share knowledge and ideas to collectively develop repair options and alternatives

Group Chair & Contact Information

Mark Woirol  
Tech-Cor LLC
Applied Research/Collision Repair Center
100 East Palatine Road
Wheeling, IL  60046-6528  U.S.A.
Int.: + 1-847-667-2313 / + 1-847-867-0911

Andy Walker: Co-Chair
Thatcham Research
Repair Sector Technical Manager
Thatcham, Colthrop Way, Thatcham, RG19 4NR
Int. + +44 1635 294865 / +44 1635 868855

Group Members

  • Allianz Deutschland - Dr. Christoph Lauterwasser
  • Centro Zaragoza - Jesús Carcas
  • CESVI Argentina - Ing. Marcelo Aiello
  • CESVI Brazil - Emerson Feliciano da Silva
  • CESVI Columbia - Mauricio Ruiz C.
  • CESVI Mexico - Osiel Velazquez
  • CESVIMAP,S.A.- Ignacio Juárez Pérez
  • IIHS/HLDI - Ann MacAlister and Sean O’Malley
  • Jiken Center.Co.JP - Hideaki Inoue
  • KART- Guan Hee
  • KTI - Frank Leimbach (Dekra Automobile)
  • MPI (Manitoba Public Insurance) - Shayon Mitra
  • State Farm Insurance - S. Schmidt
  • Tech-Cor Applied Research - M. Woirol
  • Thatcham Research - A. Walker

Published Papers

Current Work Activity

  • Conducting needs analysis to determine if the RCAR Design Guide requires a re-write based on advanced vehicle technologies, systems and substrates
  • Improve working relationships with industry partners (work in progress)


Last updated: 9 May, 2016


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