Centro de Experimentação e Segurança Viária

 CESVI brasil small cesvi brazil
RCAR Member since 1996
  • Av. Amador Aguiar, 700
    City Empresarial Jaraguá
    São Paulo/SP 
Fax: Int + 55 11 3948 4848
Telephone: Int + 55 11 3948 4800
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web Address: www.cesvibrasil.com.br
Equipment and Structure:
  • Model workshop for painting and body repair
  • Test Equipment
  • Theory and practical training room
  • Laboratory and crash test track
  • Repair benches and measuring systems
  • Auditorium for events
  • Electronics Laboratory
Training Activities:
  • Initiation, updating and specialisation training for insurance professionals
  • Technical training and management of workshops and automotive repair in practice
  • Training of evaluators and repairers of vehicles in repair and estimation techniques
Strategic Direction:
  • Development of Orion Budgeting Software
  • Management of injured vehicles of insurers
  • Intelligence in claims regulation
  • Analysis of deformability and repairability
  • Development of repair technology
  • Low speed offset crash test program
  • Production of vehicle repair times
  • Plastic repair shop
  • Publication of research results in repair (manuals and bulletins
  • Technical events for training
  • Development of the timesheet Baremo
  • R & D with regard to repairability rating and classification