Manitoba Public Insurance

RCAR Member since 1991
Owner: Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation
Shareholders: Provincial Government Crown Corporation
Address: 1981 Plessis Road 
P.O.Box 45064 
Regent Postal Outlet 
Winnipeg, Manitoba 
R2C 5C7
Fax: Int +1 204 224 5651
Telephone: Int +1 204 985 8827
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web Address: MPI
  • Devilbiss Down draft spray booth
  • Fresh Air Supplied Respirator
  • Chief EZ-Liner Frame Straightening & Measuring Equipment
  • Power Tools with Dust Remover Equipment
  • Hunter Four Wheel Alignment Equipment
  • All Standard Repair tools & Equipment
Main Activities:
  • Develop and conduct training programs on new repair technology, new materials and changes in vehicle design and construction to ensure cost effective estimating policy and procedures.
  • Research programs and studies into vehicle repairability and damageability aimed at physical damage cost control and safe, quality repairs for the motoring public.
Strategic Direction:
  • Physical damage cost control through research and training.