RCAR's Purpose

To reduce the human and economic costs of motor vehicle losses.
This is done through research into improved vehicle damage resistance, repairability, security, and safety.

What is RCAR?

RCAR is an international association of automotive research centres, owned or operated by insurers or groups of insurers, whose primary goal is to support the RCAR purpose.

This is achieved by research into improved vehicle damage resistance, repairability, security, and safety.

Currently, RCAR has 22 members, spanning 18 countries and five continents: Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Australia.

What does RCAR do?

RCAR provides an international forum for members to exchange information on research findings and strategies for implementation. Although research activity is conducted on a daily basis, and shared throughout the year, RCAR Members meet at least once a year to discuss such topics as the latest repair procedures and processes, industry education, safety features, and new technology -- all of which impact the cost of insuring and repairing motor vehicles.

RCAR issues policy statements, design guides, position papers and other information for use by those involved in designing, constructing, repairing and insuring motor vehicles. This research is then used as a starting point to enter into meaningful dialogue with vehicle manufacturers and others about putting that research to practical use. This information is available on this website.

RCAR members also believe that they have a duty to make information on automotive research known to the public, so that they can make better-informed decisions when choosing a vehicle.

Insurance Group Rating Systems

Several RCAR member centres contribute to or operate motor vehicle insurance group rating systems that that are used by insurers in their markets. While the elements and principles are usually similar, the components and the weighting of the various factors can vary from market to market. Below are links to an explanation of the systems.


German Type Classification System Description


UK System Description

RCAR History

RCAR's History from 1960-2000 is available for downloading as a PDF document.