Aftermarket Parts Working Group


The RCAR Aftermarket Parts Working Group was established to study and evaluate the use of aftermarket parts in the repair industry, and determine what processes and procedures can be adopted to encourage the proper, controlled used of quality aftermarket parts in the insurance claim repair.

As result of their work, a position paper on aftermarket replacements parts and RCAR's technical criteria for the certification of body replacement parts were elaborated.

The Aftermarket Parts Working Group was also commissioned to update the “RCAR technical criteria” with changes and modifications it deems necessary in accordance with the progress of technique.

Group Chair & Contact Information

Mr. Jesús Carcas Pascual
Ctra. Nacional 232, Km 273
50660 PEDROLA (Zaragoza)
Int.: +34 976 549 693
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Group Members

  • CESVI Colombia
  • CESVI México
  • CIRY Auto Technology Institute
  • KART
  • Samsung Safety Research Institute
  • MRC
  • Tech-Cor
  • Centro Zaragoza

Published Papers