IAG Research Centre, Insurance Australia Group

RCAR Member since 1981
Owner: Insurance Australia Group (IAG)
Address: Unit 1, 2 Holker Street
Newington, New South Wales, 2127
Fax: Int +61 2 9737 9860
Telephone: Int +61 2 9292 6840
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web Address: IAG Research Centre

The IAG Research Centre has a workshop that is equipped with a gravity sled device for conducting RCAR standard Bumper Performance Testing. Facilities also feature purpose-built equipment for evaluating vehicle visibility characteristics and occupant safety.

Main Activities:
  • To evaluate the design and security characteristics of new vehicles for insurance purposes.
  • To negotiate with motor vehicle manufacturers to improve damageability and repairability features of future models to reduce repair costs.
  • To conduct Bumper Performance Testing and other forms of low speed crash testing.
  • To conduct experiments into aspects of vehicle and occupant safety including head restraint design and driver vision.
  • To conduct experiments in repair techniques.
  • To monitor trends in parts pricing.
  • To provide technical training for IAG Loss Assessors so that they are better able to negotiate repair costs with repairers.
Strategic Direction:
  • Motor vehicle and motorcycle repair research.
  • Determine repair time benchmarks.
  • Damageability studies.
  • Car security evaluation (both OEM and aftermarket).
  • Vehicle safety research.
  • Motor vehicle assessor training.