Instituto de Investigación 
sobre Vehículos, S.A.
RCAR Member since 1990
Owner: Instituto de Investigación sobre Vehículos, S.A.
Shareholders: 20 Insurance Societies operating in the Spanish car insurance market.
Address: Ctra. Nacional 232, Km. 273
50690 Pedrola (Zaragoza)
Fax: Int+34 976 615679
Telephone: Int+34 976 549690
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web Address:
Equipment and Main Activities:
  • Body, paint, mechanical and electronic, motorcyle and truck workshop. Fully equipped.
  • Car diagnostics and test equipment.
  • Class-rooms.
  • Videotape editing room.
  • Set (Audiovisual production study).
  • Crash-test pendulum
  • Materials test laboratory
  • Research in equipments, tools, methods and materials involved in the car repairing activity
  • Technology: Repairability studies, traffic crashes, reconstruction reports, technical consulting service, BASE SIETE, time schedules (repair manuals), vehicles classification of CZ, certification of bodywork parts and data on stolen vehicles.
  • Training of adjusters and professionals in car repairs.
  • Publications: Videos and Technical magazine CZ.
  • Road safety studies
Strategic Direction:
  • To act as a focal point for the insurance companies operating in Spain and ensure that the Centre strongly influences those concerned with vehicles and road design and use.
  • Development, research, technology transfer and training, in order to improve the safety of the vehicles and material damage.
  • The study, knowledge and control of repair costs, for the insurance societies within the Spanish market.
  • Traffic crash reconstruction.