Vehicle Research Center Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

RCAR Member since 1997
Owner: None; sponsored by U.S. property/casualty insurers
Address: Location
988 Dairy Road
Ruckersville, VA 22968


Fax: Int +1 434 985 2202
Telephone: Int +1 434 985 4600
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Equipment & Main Activities:
  • Crash tests at up to 50 mph; car-to-car head-on and car-to-car side impacts that simulate real-world intersection crashes
  • Outdoor track and covered track for ADAS/headlight evaluation testing
  • Dummy calibration laboratory to prepare crash test dummies
  • Work bays for vehicle preparation
  • Cameras/lighting to film crash tests in slow-motion
  • Photography studio to document research results
  • Machine shop to create special equipment for vehicle testing
  • Display hall for showing/explaining cars from recent tests and examples of modern vehicle safety technologies
Strategic Direction:
  • Conducts a range of vehicle testing to encourage automakers to sell safer vehicles. Based on extensive review of crash records, the testing represents multiple crash modes to improve crashworthiness and typical pre-crash scenarios which driver assistance systems need address.
  • Part of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which conducts a full range of highway safety research covering drivers and the roadway environment as well as motor vehicles.
  • Affiliated organisation, the Highway Loss Data Institute, publishes information on insurance losses by passenger vehicle make and model.