Crash-tests of electric scooters, analysis by Fundación MAPFRE and CESVIMAP

The use of electric scooters, VMP, has progressively increased. In 2020, more than 100 traffic accidents were registered in Spain of this type of vehicles. The most common are collisions, falls and pedestrians run over, where the most serious injuries are suffered by the pedestrians.

These are the conclusions of the report "Crash-tests of electric scooters, associated risks and recommendations for safe use", carried out by Fundación MAPFRE, in collaboration with CESVIMAP.

The study concludes that not wearing a helmet and driving on an interurban road are the main factors of fatal accidents. It is also essential do not manipulate the speed limitation system or the scooter's, to avoid accidents and a fire or explosion. The report includes computer simulations and crash test results. These have been made with an innovative towing device for VMPs, bicycles and motorcycles (with or without dummies), designed by CESVIMAP and registered in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM).